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Are You Trying to Decide Between Personal Training and Semi-Private Group Training?

semi-private group trainingMany people feel uncomfortable in the traditional exercise class environment, but also feel uncomfortable navigating the gym by themselves. They may not know how to use the equipment safely or feel confident planning their own workouts. Other options for exercise include personal training, which is typically one-on-one and semi-private group training. Semi-private group training is a relatively new idea, but has gained popularity for several very good reasons:

  • Cost effective — Semi-private group training usually involves 2-3 people sharing a trainer, which means the cost of the training is split between the participants. The group is still small enough that you get plenty of personal attention.
  • Improved adherence to the program — Because you are accountable to someone else, you are more likely to stick to the program.
  • Increased enjoyment — Some people prefer to work out in a group. You can motivate one another and spend extra time together. Semi-private group training can be a great option for couples, coworkers or friends with similar schedules and fitness goals.

Before you start your semi-private group training, the personal trainer will probably talk to the members of the group independently to learn more about their health history and fitness objectives. The trainer will want to make sure that everyone’s goals and objectives are similar and that they know anything they need to know about everyone’s health history to maintain safety.

We proudly offer semi-private group training and would be happy to tell you more. Contact us today for more information!

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