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Ideas For New Cardio Workouts You’ve Never Tried Before

Cardio WorkoutsThink cardio is boring and that there’s nothing more to it than just jumping on the treadmill and pounding out your 30 minutes? Think again. There are plenty of new fresh ways to get cardio workouts in without getting burned out by the same old routine.

Are you the queen of the treadmill? Try mixing up your next cardio workout with interval training on the treadmill. Instead of just setting your speed and plugging along, change up the speed during the workout. You can do evenly spaced intervals where you jog at 5mph for 3 minutes and then 6mph for 1 minute, or you can vary the speed throughout. It helps to come up with a workout plan before you begin and keep it on the treadmill with you. Then, you can set the speeds according to your pre-planned workout rather than according to how tired or energized you feel in the moment! Here is a sample workout plan below. Keep in mind this can be done with any cardio machine — it doesn’t necessarily have to be a treadmill.

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Another idea to mix up cardio workouts is to change up the cardio machine you use each day you exercise. If you always do the elliptical, try the bike. If you’re always on the treadmill, try out a rowing machine. You can even try doing 10 minute intervals on each machine to keep things interesting for as long as you are planning to do cardio that day. This is a great way to add variety to your workout, which will help you see better results. Your body becomes accustomed to the same exercise routine, and when you mix it up, your body has to work harder and you’ll burn more calories.

You can also try a group workout class like kickboxing or a dance class. You’ll likely be so preoccupied trying to keep up with following the instructor you’ll forget you’re even exercising! This is a great way to meet new people and make cardio workouts a social thing.

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