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Personal Training: What’s the Point?

personal trainingMaking it a commitment to work out on a regular basis can be tough. If you’ve heard that personal training could help you reach your health and fitness goals, here are a few more reasons why working with a personal trainer is beneficial.

  • More effective workouts –How many times have you finished a workout at the gym and felt like it wasn’t really worth your time? It can be tempting to slack on a workout, but still give yourself credit for exercising that day just because you were at the gym for so many minutes. To truly get the most out of your valuable time, a personal trainer can help you stay focused and help you push through your workout. You trainer will also be able to help you focus your workout to help you reach your personal goals.
  • Instruction and supervision –A personal trainer will be able to watch your movements as you perform them and give you feedback. Working with a personal trainer is also a great way to safely learn new exercises that you can utilize on your own time.
  • Variety —Personal training can give your workouts the variety you need to keep your gym routine interesting. Instead of doing the same cardio and weight circuit day after day, a trainer can breathe some excitement into your workouts by giving you new ideas and exercises to try. Also, changing up your routine helps you see better results in the end. Your body becomes more effective at an exercise the longer you do it, so you get less out of it than you did when you first started. To continue to see results, you need variety.
  • Accountability –Personal training is a great way to maintain your motivation. If you’ve paid a trainer and you have a date set up to work with them, you’ll be far less likely to skip out on your workouts.

For all these reasons and more, personal training is well worth the investment. Contact us at Empower Fitness today to set up a time with one of our certified trainers.

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