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Strength Training Doesn’t Mean You’ll Bulk Up, and it Boasts Some Serious Health Benefits

strength trainingStrength training is sometimes referred to as weight training, and it is often associated with body builders who are trying to bulk up. But the reality of strength training is that it has a whole host of health benefits for your body, especially when paired with regular cardio training, and it doesn’t necessarily cause you to bulk up unintentionally. Over time as people age, they tend to lose their muscle mass and strength training can mitigate this loss and improve muscle tone and strength.

Here are some of the other benefits of strength training:

  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve bone density and mass
  • Reduce the risk of injury during daily activities and exercising

For women especially, strength training doesn’t have to mean bulking up. The presence of high levels of estrogen make getting overly muscular very hard. While strength training will improve the tone, function, endurance and strength of a woman’s muscles, it will not increase her size or give her a “bulked up” appearance. When paired with regular cardio exercise, strength training can help the body burn calories more efficiently and increase weight loss results.

Strength training does not have to involve expensive equipment, either. While many gyms have weight machines available, you can use the weight of your own body by doing pushups, pullups or crunches. Free weights like dumbbells and weight bars are fairly inexpensive and easy to acquire for home use if you choose.

For more information about strength training and its many benefits, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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