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Top Reasons to Include Cardio Workouts in Your Fitness Regimen

Cardio WorkoutsAll too often, people get so enamored with doing strength training that they tend to forget about the many benefits of doing cardio workouts, as well. They may only include them occasionally at best. However, not only are cardio workouts an important part of your fitness regimen, but they can and should be done every day, with just one day off per week. Here are the top reasons why you really should include cardio workouts in your daily routine.

  • Long-Term Benefits – If you take two people, one who does regular cardio workouts and one who doesn’t, and fast forward them to retirement age, all other things being equal, the one who did cardio workouts is less likely to have developed heart disease, lessened bone density or even some forms of cancer. Part of the reason for this is that cardio workouts help you burn toxins out of your system and reduce stress, which has many adverse effects on your body over time. Take care of your future health by doing cardio workouts.
  • Immediate Benefits – Cardio workouts can be even better than strength training for the relief of depression and anxiety, but in order for that to be ongoing, it must be done regularly. It is not a one-and-done scenario. In addition, you can expect to see weight loss and find it easier to get quality sleep with regular cardio workouts. The added oxygen in your blood, as well as the increased blood flow, create better overall wellness, giving you an increased sense of happiness. The stimulation to the brain that results enables you to better focus throughout the day.

The key to getting regular cardio workouts is to make them fun. By working with us at Empower Fitness in Mooresville, North Carolina, we can show you how you can gain both the immediate and long-term benefits, and do so in a way that is fun and sustainable. We can help you put together the best cardio workouts for your goals, whether that is just overall wellness or also to lose weight or build endurance. Call us today and let us empower you to achieve your personal fitness and training goals.

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