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When it Comes to Strength Training, a Little Goes a Long Way

When you think about strength training, you probably envision body builders lifting huge weights at the gym for hours on end. However, strength training is so much more than that and involves adding stress to your muscles in order to make them bigger and stronger.

How Much Time Do You Need to Spend Strength Training?

Strength TrainingAlthough you may spend time doing cardiovascular exercise every day, you may not need to do strength training as often in order to see great results. For many people, focusing on strength training a few times a week, instead of participating in extended workouts, is enough. It is also important to rest between sessions, so your muscles have time to recover.

The Benefits of Strength Training

There are several reasons why strength training should be a regular part of your fitness routine. First, as you get older, your muscle mass will naturally start to diminish. When you start to lose muscle, it will be replaced with fat. Regular strength training can prevent this from happening and help you maintain the muscle mass in your body.

Second, regular strength training can help you improve your bone density by placing continual pressure on your bones. This is especially important for women who may develop osteoporosis as they age.

One of the complaints many people have when they gain muscle is that they weigh more. Although this may be the case, building up your muscles can actually help you lose and control your weight. When you have muscle in your body, it uses the calories you consume more efficiently.

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