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Group Fitness Training, Mooresville, NC

Group fitness training in Mooresville, NC enables you to feed off the energy of others while still receiving individualized attention from a trainer.

Group Fitness TrainingAt Empower Fitness, we believe that working out shouldn’t be boring. In fact, we think it should be fun! If you’re a little bit bored with your current exercise routine and you’d like to be motivated by others with similar health and fitness goals, we encourage you to consider group fitness training.

Group fitness training is similar to traditional fitness training. However, the main difference is that you work out with other people. This way, you can feed off of their energy while still receiving individualized feedback from your trainer.

Our most popular group fitness training session is our HZ Metabolic Group Training classes. In these sessions, you wear a belt that monitors your heart rate and tracks how your body responds to the workout. By wearing one of these belts, you enable yourself to burn as many calories as possible, get your heart rate up, and ultimately improve your fitness level.

We encourage you to keep in mind that just because we offer group fitness training sessions doesn’t mean that there will be tons of people in your group. We strive to keep our group sessions small, so you still receive helpful attention from the trainer as you exercise.

If you’d like to know when our group fitness training sessions in Mooresville, North Carolina are available and what you need to do to join, contact us at Empower Fitness today. We’re confident that once you try group fitness training, you won’t want to go back to your old workout again!