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Cardio Workouts, Troutman, NC

Our cardio workouts in Troutman, NC are tailored to meet everyone’s needs, no matter your age or skill level.

Cardio WorkoutsThese days, especially if you spend much time on social media, it seems like everyone is running. There is a steady stream on any social media feed of GPS watches with run times, running selfies, and pictures of feet in action! While running is a top cardio workout, there are many other cardio workouts available to those of you who would rather do something (or anything!) else to get your heart rate up. Here at Empower Fitness, we have developed a wide variety of cardio workouts to help our Troutman, NC friends and neighbors get their cardio workouts in without posting a single GPS watch photo!

Our cardio workouts are tailored to meet everyone’s needs, no matter your age or skill level. Our many different types of classes offer something for everyone, and all are proven to get your heart and blood pumping! We offer group classes taught by a personal trainer who can help lessen or increase the intensity of your own personal workout, so you can continue to participate in a way that is challenging but still manageable.

Once you find a class that you enjoy, we know you’ll keep coming back. That’s because we have found what many different studies have shown to be true– the best cardio workouts are the ones you enjoy . . . because you’ll continue to do them! Don’t hesitate– start enjoying increased energy, stamina, stronger bones, and more benefits of cardio workouts today!

If you have any questions about our trainers, programs, facilities or anything else, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you!


Cardio Workouts in Mooresville, NC